Just engaged? Before you dive into the stressful world of wedding planning, allow yourself to have some fun and celebrate the happy event with an all-out bash. And if there's anyone who knows how to throw a party that A-list celeb-worthy, it's the people who plan their parties for them. Award-winning event designer Melissa Andre, whose client list includes The Weeknd, Drake, and DJ Khaled, is definitely one of those people, so we asked her to shed some light on how to throw an engagement party worthy of Hollywood's finest.

Her number one rule is: enlist some help.

"One thing celebrity parties all have in common is that there is an entire professional production team orchestrating every last detail behind the scenes so that the bride and groom can just float through the party having just as much fun as the guests," she says. "If you don’t want to be prepping canapés the night before instead of getting a pre-engagement party massage, then get a team of people around you who can help with the details, planning, and coordination."

Once you hire your party planning squad (or, you know, make your friends do it), start thinking about what makes yourrelationship with your spouse-to-be unique. Don't try to copy someone else's party just because it looks pretty on Instagram.

"Celebrity events are typically rich in fantastic details so be sure to let all of the details of your relationship shine in the touches you add to your event," Andre suggests. "If you and your fiancé fell in love over multiple pomegranate mimosas, serve them at your party! If your first date was at a jazz bar in your neighborhood, rent it out for the evening so you can share a bit of that story with everyone you love." Basically, it's all about personalizing your event as much as possible.

Sending your guests home with a gift is also something to consider for a memorable evening. It doesn't have to be something very expensive or big, "just a little something to let your guests know that you really thought about them when you were planning the event and are so thankful to have them celebrating alongside you," says Andre.

"Be sure to include a sweet hand-written note about how you loved celebrating your engagement with them and can’t wait to do it again on the wedding day," she adds.

We also asked Andre about the one thing you should never do at your engagement party, and she was pretty adamant about not overdrinking.

"Your guest list will likely include family members, coworkers, and other people you want to maintain a certain level of control around. Your engagement party isn’t the right time to take it to the same level as your bachelorette or bachelor party," she says.

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