Winter is on it’s way! You may already be thinking about your winter wardrobe but what about your hair? As it is a change of season with new trends, it is the perfect time to try out the latest must-have hair colors. By mixing up your look, you can go through the winter in style. To give you some inspiration, we have found 23 winter hair color ideas for 2018. We have fiery reds, cool blondes and more. Take a look, you will soon be booking a hair appointment!

1. Icy Blonde Hair

Our first winter hair color idea is this platinum, icy blonde. Icy blonde is very light and bright, it almost looks white. It is a stunning color choice for winter and it will give you a stylish ice queen look. All over color like this is perfect for the ladies who want a dramatic makeover or you can also have platinum highlights for a subtler look.

2. Caramel Balayage Hair

During the winter months some prefer warmer highlights compared to the icy shades, and if this is you, then you will like our next idea. This hairstyle features warm caramel balayage with dark brunette hair. This color combination is stunning and is perfect the winter and other seasons too.

3. Dark Grey Ombre Hair

Like to keep up with the trends? Then this next hair color idea is for you. Here we have smokey, dark grey ombre hair. Grey shades like this one are a must-have for winter 2018. It is perfect for the ladies who like to keep ahead of the fashion pack. Go for a beautiful blend like this one or choose grey highlights.

4. Copper Hair

When the winter comes around, red hair colors come back into the spotlight. Colors like copper become very popular. So, here is a gorgeous example of a coppery red you can try. It is a rich and warm color that will brighten up your look over the dark, colder months.

5. Ash Brown Winter Hair Color

Next, we have a beautiful ash brown hair color idea. Ash brown is suited to brunette hair and it is a dark and cool shade. Its toned down color is perfect for the winter. It will give your hair a lift, just like blonde does in the summer. Hair coloring like this is great for the ladies who want a change without being too over the top.

6. Dark Purple Highlights

Purple is another popular color. In the summer, pastel shades are loved but in the winter, the darker tones are a must-have. Here we have a beautiful example. The hair starts off black and gradually blends into a dark purple. It is such a stylish combination.

7. Light, Cool Blonde Highlights

Now, we have a hair color idea for the ladies who are blonde. This hair idea features different shades of blonde but the main color is a light and cool tone. Hair like this is perfect for the blondes who want to give their hair a lift. It will also keep you looking stylish and bright during the winter.

8. Bold Red to Copper Ombre

When the season changes it is common for many of us to want a completely new look. If that is you, then you need to check out this hair idea. This hair color is a bold red! It is a step up from the popular copper and spicy tones, so you will stand out from the crowd! This look is a trendy choice for anyone who wants to change their hair to a vibrant color.

9. Dark to Blonde Ombre Hair

Our next idea features blonde balayage on dark hair. We love this hairstyle because usually balayage is light and summery but this one features warm blonde which will suit the winter season perfectly. Hair like this will look pretty on anyone and it will grow out so it is not high maintenance.

10. Rose Gold Hair

Next, we have another hair idea for the ladies who like to keep up the with the latest fashion and styles. Here we have rose gold hair. This hair uses a pink, rose blonde tone and it almost looks shimmery. This is a chic color choice that will suit you all year round.

Source: @nealmhair

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