What do you get when you cross a rhinestone-studded gel manicure with some Disney/Pixar special effects? Aquarium nails, obviously, which bring the visuals of Finding Nemo to your fingertips. Every time you move your digit, the water and glitter housed within the nail dance in a snowglobe-esque fashion, and certainly challenges the already hypnotizing finishes of the chrome and sunglass manicures that came before it.

To create the aquarium effect, a manicurist seals together two fake nails with gel, leaving the center area hollow. After sealing off the edges, the center is filled with water, glitter, and sometimes oil through an opening near the cuticle, then sealed off. The manicurist then decorates the nail accordingly, then affixes it to the natural nail bed. Granted, it's not really a look that can be DIY-ed, and it's thicker than your traditional manicure, but we figure the mesmerizing snow globe finish is worth it for entertainment value alone.

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