Rebecca Taylor found inspiration for the fall 2013 collection she showed at New York Fashion Week from two very different people—Frank Lloyd Wright and Debbie Harry. "I mixed the traditional classic with the more punk-rock quality,” the designer told us of the pieces after the show. "On one hand, I’m really interested in Frank Lloyd Wright and read Loving Frank, which inspired me to learn about his work. I was really impressed by the modernism and the way he did beautiful twists on classics.” In turn, she turned gave classic pieces her own twist, thanks to a dose of punk inspiration, Debbie Harry-style. "I love the whole anarchy of that time,” Taylor explained. "It was so freeing.” The result: Structured, strong lines with nature-inspired prints and punk elements like zippers and motorcycle jackets. "It’s like she went to a Blondie concert and is coming home late at night,” Taylor added. Fun!

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— Brooke Mazurek

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