Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors. There are so many different shades that you can try and one of the must-haves is dirty blonde. Dirty blonde is a dark blonde tone that looks it has been blended with brown resulting in the dirty look. It is a stylish hair idea and it has been seen on fashion icons like Cara Delevingne. To give you some hair inspiration, we have found 43 of the best dirty blonde hair ideas on Instagram. There is something for everyone from bobs to beach waves. You will want to try this look when you have seen them all!

1. Dark to Dirty Blonde Hair

First up we have this beautiful blonde hairstyle. The hair is dark at the root and then changes to a light blonde color. This is a stunning and easy to wear look. You can recreate similar blonde shades on any hairstyle from long like the image featured, to short cuts like pixies and bobs. This blonde blend will give your tired hair a lift.

2. Trendy Dark Blonde Bob

Bobs are one of the trendiest hairstyles to have, especially for the spring and summer. So, why not try a bob with added blonde?! The blonde will give your hair a sunkissed and summery look. A bob like this one would look amazing. The cut is gorgeous and the dirty blonde color finishes off the look perfectly.

3. Beautiful Dark Blonde Hair

Next, we have a stylish blonde look to show you. The hair is dark at the root and then turns into a beautiful blonde color. This is a stunning blend of blonde as the hair looks natural and bright. It would be an amazing choice for the summer, especially with the waves as the hair looks beachy.

4. Warm Blonde Ombre Bob

Our next idea features a blonde ombre bob. The hair is very dark and about midway, the hair turns into a warm blonde shade. This is such a trendy look with the bob cut, ombre and dirty blonde color. It combines three of the must-have looks. Of course, you can have similar ombre on long hair too.

5. Dirty Blonde to Golden Blonde

It is not just brown hair, there are other dark shades that dirty blonde looks amazing with. You can also try adding it to other blonde colors too. Here we have a stylish example. For this look, the hair starts in a dark, dirty blonde shade and then turns into a bright, golden blonde. As you can see, this creates a gorgeous blonde hairstyle. A blend like this will suit everyone!

6. Long Hair with Bangs

Show off your edgy and trendy sense of style and try a hairstyle like our next one. This hairstyle features long dark hair with dirty blonde ombre. The look is finished off with straight across bangs. This is such a stylish blonde hair idea. Recreate this long hairstyle or try a shorter length.

7. Dark Blonde Long Bob

Looking for an easy to wear blonde style? Then you need to check out this next idea. The hair is a beautiful brown shade at the root with blonde added about midway to the ends. Hair like this is low maintenance and if you are new to blonde, it will just easily grow out if you change your mind. You can also add more blonde if you want a bolder look.

8. Dirty Blonde Highlights

Next, we have another beachy look to show you. This hairstyle is black at the root with a dark, dirty blonde shade added about half way down the hair. It is a relaxed and trendy style that is perfect for the summer. You can add lighter blonde tones if you want to brighten the hair even more. We love this hairstyle!

9. Dirty Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Our next hair idea features a bright and glam look. The hair starts dark, then turns into a dirty blonde shade and finally the hair changes to light blonde. It is such a beautiful color transition from brown to blonde. This is a chic and stylish look that will suit everyone. Long hair, short hair, curly or straight a blend like this will look stunning.

10. Short Dirty Blonde Hair

This next hairstyle is one of our favorites! Here we have a dirty blonde lob. This is a toned down and dark shade of blonde and it looks so stylish! A blonde color like this is perfect for someone who wants to try blonde but is a little worried about the light and bright tones. This is an easy to wear color that will look amazing on everyone. You can try a similar blonde shade on a bob or on whatever cut you have.

Source: @american_salon

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