Red is a popular color in fashion, beauty and nails. Not only does this color look bold and beautiful, but red has special meanings too. Red can symbolize love, strength, passion and more. You can use red to suit any mood! We think red looks amazing when used in nail art, so have found 41 gorgeous red nails that you need to try! Whether you need glam nails for a special occasion, want a set of nails to brighten your mood or need a cute look to wear for date night, then there is a nail design for you!

1. Glam Red and Gold Nails

First up, we have this glam nail idea! The long, stiletto nails have a dark red and gold design. You can actually buy this manicure instead of trying to create it yourself or going to the salon because these are available as fake, press on nails. So, you can easily recreate this gorgeous red look yourself. You can purchase the nails and check out the other designs available on the page featured below.

2. Red Nails with Glitter Tips

Jazz up your nails with some glitter! Here we have red nails with silver glitter tips. It is such a cute and sparkly idea. As you can see, it looks great on short nails too so whatever nail length or shape you choose, this design will be beautiful. Recreate the silver tips or you can try gold. Gold glitter will look a little festive so will be perfect for Christmas.

3. Cute Heart Nail Design

Red is the color of love so it is no surprise that red nails often feature hearts. This next idea is a beautiful example of how you can add hearts to your nails. The nails are red with two accent nails. One accent nail features stripes and the other has a cute heart design. You can find tutorials online to help you recreate the heart. It is a stylish look that is perfect for any romantic occasion.

4. Glitzy Red Nails

Looking for sparkly nails that make a statement? Then this idea is for you. Each nail has a different design and these include: red matte, nails with crystals, red chrome, glitter and ombre. It is an amazing manicure and something similar is perfect for the ladies that want bold nails that impress. Try the whole look or just pick a couple of the designs that you like.

5. Red and Leopard Nails

Leopard print and red looks amazing together. Don’t just take our word for it, check out these nails! This design features red glossy nails, matte nail art, leopard print and a black and leopard nail. It is a trendy and fun idea. You can try each design or just choose your favorites. There are leopard print tutorials online to so you can try to recreate the pattern yourself.

6. Red Matte Nails

Next, we have a bright nail idea. The nails are vibrant matte red shade. It is a stylish idea that is easy to wear. You can use a similar red shade on any nail length or shape and you can recreate with or without the matte finish. Either way, it will look sunning.

7. Dark Glitter Nails

Our next idea is simple and stylish. The nails are painted in a dark red glitter polish. We love this idea because the glitter is subtle but it will sparkle in the light. It is just easy to wear, easy to create and will suit everyone. The nail artist used shade Rooftop Soirée by Cirque Colors.

8. Triangle Accent Nail

Looking for a trendy set of nails? Then this is for you. The nails are short and are painted in a bright red shade. There is one accent nail too which features a stylish triangle design. You can create triangles with stickers and stencils. It is a gorgeous look and it is one of our favorites.

9. Cute Cherry Nails

Give your nails a cute, vintage vibe with a design like this one. These nails are red with one accent nail. The accent nail features a pretty cherry pattern which has 1950’s look. You can paint the cherries yourself or use stickers to make recreating the design a little easier.

10. Red Stiletto Nails with Crystals

Matte nails can look so elegant and chic. Our next idea is a great example. The stiletto nails are matte red with two accent nails. One accent nail has a subtle design with crystals along the cuticle and the other is a little bolder. Nails like these would be perfect for a special occasion. You can buy rhinestones online and can apply them with nail glue or just place them on wet nail polish.

Source: @philglamournails

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