Too Faced has the market cornered on impeccably curated makeup palettes that also happen to smell delicious. Their Chocolate Bar shadow palette not only helps you create a sultry bronze smoky eye, but will encourage some majorly sweet cravings as well. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that a toddler actually mistook the makeup must-have for an actual treat.

Lauren Rincon, a Too Faced fan hailing from Southern California, took to Twitter over the weekend to show her niece covered in the palette's pretty shadows, with what appears to be tiny nibbles taken out of a few of the shades. The cutie pie looks awfully morose after being caught (and we're guessing those shades don't taste as yummy as they smell). It's good... but not good enough to eat.

Rincon assured her followers that she followed up with Too Faced to make sure the palette doesn't contain anything that might seriously harm her niece, and promised to keep a close eye on the little girl in case any symptoms arise. Because at the end of the day, eating makeup probs isn't the best idea.

And there's also good news for the beauty lover's palette—upon hearing the news Too Faced offered to send her a brand new Chocolate Bar palette. All's well that ends well.

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