walk by. Minutes after the show was over, Instagram would be flooded with photos of the Le Coup de Soleil or "The Sunburn” collection. There were that cut through the lavender fields like a David Hockney paintbrush. And everyone who wasn’t there, like myself, could feel it. Even if we weren’t sunburned.

Simon Porte Jacquemus is no stranger to going viral. He can absolutely take credit for the micro-bag craze not just because he made one of the tiniest bags out there, appropriately named Le Petit Chiquito, but because he made one of the tiniest bags out there that really made people think they needed one. His Le Coup de Soleil collection went viral, though, not for it’s comical proportions, but for its ability to capture the feeling of summer with fabric.

If people love tiny bags because they make them feel carefree, people loved this collection for the same reason. It perfectly encapsulated the airy feeling of June, July, and August against a backdrop that looked like a painting. Even if you were on vacation when the show happened, watching it all on Instagram still probably felt like a vacation from a vacation. Of the tens of thousands of comments on the photos from the show on the Jacquemus Instagram page, there’s one that really resonates with me: "Can I be hired as a model? I would love to walk the bright pinot carpet with my bright pink personality.” As fun as the show was to watch from afar, everyone who saw it really just wanted to be wearing it.

And now is the time when all of those commenters and fans and even editors who saw the show up close would be buying the collection, which is now available to shop. Ironically, Simon Porte Jacquemus told The Cut in 2019 that this collection was all about "Sun in your face, sun in your face, sun in your face… I’m not doing, like, an end-of-the-world show.” Yet it currently feels like the end of the world, and that summer vacation may never come.

So the most viral summer collection is finally up for grabs — a lot of it is actually on sale given the blow-out discounts big retailers are now offering — and the timing couldn’t be worse. Or maybe, it’s actually perfect. Models Bella Hadid and Barbie Ferreira did FaceTime photoshoots for the brand from the confines of their home. They wore woven totes as shirts and pants while wearing square sunglasses to bed. Elsa Hosk, Kourtney Kardashian, and Rita Ora have all played quarantine dress up in full Jacquemus runway looks. Not to mention the hundreds of influencers who have taken their social isolation #ootds in pieces from Le Coup de Soleil.

And so the collection that was meant to be worn with the sun in your face has very much become the high-fashion uniform for the end of the world. Even if I was on vacation, wearing this clothing would take me on another one. And since vacation isn’t an option right now, buying the capri fringe skirt or the embroidered twill shirt may be the closest I get to a plane ticket. One thing is for certain, I won’t forget where I was when I first wore it — also at home.

Shop the viral Jacquemus collection and take a summer vacation from home, below.

Jacquemus Manosque Stripe Cotton Blend Cardigan

Shop now: $234 (Originally $390); 

Jacquemus Capri Fringe Skirt

Shop now: $514 (Originally $685); 

Jacquemus Bahia Cotton Blouse

Shop now: $371 (Originally $495); nordstrom.com

Jacquemus Rosa Ribbed Top

Shop now: $233 (Originally $310); 

Jacquemus Helado Pleated Ombre Skirt

Shop now: $504 (Originally $840); 

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag

Shop now: $520;

Jacquemus Le Panier Soleil Bag

Shop now: $460; 

Jacquemus Striped Halterneck Knit Minidress

Shop now: $279 (Originally $399);

Jacquemus Mala Floral Logo Cotton Tee

Shop now: $159 (Originally $265);

Jacquemus Embroidered Twill Shirt

Shop now: $327 (Originally $545); 

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