If you are mourning the end of summer just like we are, we have some good news for you. Yes, the season may be officially over in a few days, but there is a (very pretty) way to keep part of it with you, or rather, on your face...

When Rosie Assoulin sent models down her runway at NYFW sporting delicate flowers on their cheekbones, little did we know that this was going to be something we'd see when the shows moved across the Atlantic.

While Assoulin's idea was to make her models look like they "woke up in a bed of flowers," designers at London-based label Preen are taking face flowers to a whole new level.

Makeup artist Val Garland glued dried daisies, forget-me-nots, and other greenery leaves to the models' cheeks, lips, necks, and even backs. The flowers were definitely meant to draw you in, as she kept the rest of the makeup incredibly natural with dewy, fresh-looking skin.

Miranda Priestly might not think florals for spring is exactly a groundbreaking idea, but this take on the trend definitely is.

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