The only end-of-winter struggle that’s bigger than slushy sidewalks are the flaky, chapped state that the season has left your lips in. Aside from being extremely painful, dry lips also make it difficult to swipe on the shades you usually wear—especially if you’re a diehard matte fan.

"Wearing matte lipstick is especially hard when you have dry lips because it makes your lips even drier. Not only that, it doesn't glide on smoothly, and you can see all the texture on your lips. So, it can look like your lips are cracking!" says celebrity makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla, who works with Ariana Grande.

If you just can’t break up with a shine-free finish, there are some alternations you can make to your makeup routine to prevent dry, cracked lips from getting in the way of wearing your favorite bullet. Chinchilla recommends setting aside a few extra minutes for your makeup routine in the morning to prep your lips with a hydrating product like Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask in Clear ($26;, along with a primer such as Too Faced’s Lip Insurance Lip Primer ($20; "Apply a lip mask about 15 minutes before a matte lipstick, wipe it off, apply your primer, and then your matte lipstick,” says Chinchilla. "This will create a smooth surface for your lipstick.”

Aside from prepping your lips, it’s also important to pick the right lipstick formula when your pout is extremely dry. Instead of reaching for any matte bullet, opt for a formula that has hydrating ingredients and a slightly satin finish that will work with the current state of your lips, rather than exaggerate how chapped they are. "For dry lips, I would for sure use a more moisturizing lipstick with a matte satin finish,” Chinchilla says. "If your lips are dry, they will need the extra moisture and you will still achieve the matte finish!”

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Along with hydration, the less product you apply the better. With a highly pigmented formula such as Smashbox’s Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick ($24;, a little goes a long way. "You don’t want to cake on lipstick over dry lips,” explains Chinchilla. "Remember: Matte doesn’t mean dry!”

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