The Turkish brand Roberto Bravo continues to enhance its presence on the jewelry market with extraordinary examples of timeless pieces. The collection Pied de Poule is the highest expression to mix a retro pattern, such as the black and white tiny squares in enamel, with a new meaning thanks to a renovated design, that reflects the harmony of both the colors, black and white. The inspiration looks at timeless and essential fashion patterns that are amongst Roberto Bravo's main signatures to extraordinary designs. The brand surprises women with beautiful collections and their stories, and Pied de Poule is the latest one, presented by Roberto Bravo, that deeply reflects this concept. Pied de Poule is all about black and white, that are always different, but at the same time they always complete each other, and reflect the unique synergy and harmony of Roberto Bravo signature. The collection has a unique touch: a special coloring technique and precious stones, such as blue topaz, citrine, emerald, ruby and amethyst, used in necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets to brighten up the exclusive jewelry pieces. Pied de Poule is the perfect 'gift' for extraordinary women who love fashion, ask for quality and always want to be exceptional. They do certainly appreciate this collection that put together a past mood with an exceptional, innovative look.

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