, and bold fuchsia lips, and are such good friends of mine, and because we’ve been working together for so long now, we always have a similar instinct of what to try, along with our go-to looks. It’s all dictated by what the event is along with what I’m wearing. They ruminate on ideas independently and then we collectively decide on what we’re going to do. If Jennifer has a makeup idea, like a ’60s-inspired eye, or a wash of blue color and comes to me with examples, I’m always game. I don’t think you can be too precious or fussy with that kind of stuff. It’s about expression and enjoying the moment.

Between music and acting, you been in the industry for two decades. What are some of your beauty regrets?

I gotta say, I’m not big on regrets. I’ll certainly look back and question some of the fashion choices and — therefore the hair and makeup — I made when I was a kid, but I have an affection for her. She was doing the best she could in 1999. Things were pretty bleak hair and makeup-wise during that time. There was too much glitter and lip gloss. That lip gloss that would make your hair stick to your lips and face if the wind blew in the wrong direction? Ugh, that was never a good look. Also, glitter! I feel like glitter is the devil’s powder. It should be used very sparingly; that’s something that would take a ton of convincing for me to try again. I love a glittery eyeshadow, but not straight up glitter.

VIDEO: Mandy Moore Emmys Red Carpet 2019

On This Is Us, you play a character at various stages in her life. What’s your approach to aging, and has your role on the show changed your opinion at all?

I’ve grown even more comfortable with the concept of aging, and if I’m able to age as gracefully as my character on the show, then I'm golden. I don’t know what what girlfriend has done, but she’s really invested in some expensive skincare products because she looks good for 69-years-old. Or is she doing the J.Lo no alcohol, no carb, and no sugar thing? Whatever it is, it’s working.

For me, I love my smile lines and the lines I’m getting around my eyes. It’s a signature of a life well-lived, and I’m into it.

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