If you’re one of the 32 million people attending a music festival this year, you know your choice of what to wear needs to be perfect. Coachella, SXSW, Lollapalooza, and Sasquatch! are as much about fashion as they are about music. You’ll want to capture your individual style while making sure function is a part of your fashion. You might even need to prepare for different temperatures and weather conditions while you’re there. Plan and strategize, and you’ll look and feel great throughout the festival.

Your Perfect Music Festival Outfit

The perfect clothing will keep you at a comfortable temperature, be able to stand up to the elements, and allow you to move around easily. Don’t take this opportunity to wear your one-of-a-kind dress that cost you a month’s rent. You’re bound to get a stain or two on your clothing, whether from the errant beer flying through the air or the mud you’re almost guaranteed to step in.

Wear layers that you can put on and take off easily. Bring something waterproof that can fit over your clothing. If you choose to go with bare legs, bring a pair of leggings you can slip on if the weather turns cool.

Don’t Forget About Your Feet

Do not underestimate the magnitude of what you wear on your feet. You will need something that can stand up to whatever weather you encounter. This is not the time to break out high heels or those flip-flops that barely qualify as shoes. You’ll be standing or walking most of the time you’re there. Your shoes need to be able to handle anything.

Boots are the best choice since they offer protection from the elements — including clumsy dancers who will undoubtedly step on your feet at least once. They’re also super trendy and look good with practically any outfit.

Accessorize With Purpose

Keep your jewelry and other accessories light. Don’t wear heavy or cumbersome pieces that are going to be annoying when you dance. Cheaper costume baubles are the way to go here. Again, it’s not the time to wear something expensive or an antique piece that has been in your family for five generations. Bring or wear a pair of practical lightweight sunglasses.

You’ll also need a sensible bag to store the items you want to keep with you during the festival. A backpack might seem like a good choice, but it can become unwieldy as time goes on. Instead, opt for a fanny pack or hip pack. They’re trendy and fashionable. They’re also way more convenient and comfortable than clunky backpacks. If you’re still not sold on fanny packs, choose a comfy crossbody bag. The point is to be hands-free.

If you dress comfortably and focus on your outfit’s function, you’re sure to make the most of any music festival. Put these tips to the test, whether you’re going to your first show or if you are a seasoned festival-goer. What are your music festival must-haves?

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