Finding out you're pregnant is an exciting moment for any woman. But when you're a high-profile model who has walked the runway at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and starred in international ad campaigns? Things can be complicated. We caught up with Chanel Iman and she shared all of the details on her journey with us.

"I’ve been skinny my whole life," Iman exclusively tells "And now that I’ve gained weight because of the baby, it’s a beautiful part of my journey and my chapter." Like any expectant mother, she's amazed to see her body rapidly transforming before her eyes. "And I actually like the new body weight," Iman explains. "I’m just embracing being a mother-to-be. I have no problem with the weight. I have fat in areas that I’ve never had. And I like it actually. My boobs have gotten bigger, and my hair is growing so much."

So how does the model keep her ever-changing body looking stylish throughout her pregnancy? If you're thinking she's spending all of her money on maternity clothes, think again. "I’m not really into shopping for maternity clothes," Iman explains. "I’m just wearing regular clothes that are one size bigger right now."

Staying cool in the summer is a must for the expectant mother. So she's stocked up on products with cooling technology—like her favorite New Era training camp hats. "I’m always looking for ways to stay cool or stay in the shade and block the sun," Iman elaborates. "So it really helps." And her trick for looking instantly put together with minimal effort (and lots of comfort)? A good ol' maxi dress. "For me it’s a lot of flowy, stretchy dresses," says Iman. Now, if only we could get the secret to her always-glowing skin.

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