Thanks to the rainbow hair trend, a growing number of women are dyeing their locks in fun, bright hair colors. Pastel pinks, light violets, and fierce reds can be seen all over social media. Also, more and more women are opting for blue and they actually look awesome!

Pictures below will make you ditch the normal hair colors for all sorts of fabulous blue shades. Don’t blame us if you end up dyeing your hair blue. You’ve been warned!

1. Blue Ombre Long Bob

This stunning ombre hair makes us go blue right away. It’s obvious that blue hair isn’t just for punkers and cartoon characters anymore, women of all ages are trying out this bold hair trend.

2. Blue & Light Purple Hair

Seriously, who knew blue could be so sexy, right? Aside from looking insanely hot and unique, a blue hair with hints of light purple will make you look like a mermaid.

3. Blue Natural Hair

Add a playful pop of color to your natural strands with this gorgeous shade of blue. Colorful hair on African American women is super dope!

4. Ice Blue Ombre

We’re kinda obsessed with this hair color! The color combination is fit for a snow queen. This complex shade of dark hair with hints of dark grey, light grey and light blue is truly one of a kind.

5. Black Hair with Light Blue Tips

These fun, light blue tips are a great way to spice up your long tresses. The look is a unique and modern twist on ombre. We think that her romantic curls look even better in this gorgeous shade of blue.

6. Blue and Grey Hair

This hair color combination is fun and fabulous! We must admit that her hair makes us want to experiment with multicolored strands. I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

7. Dark Blue and Teal Highlights

Opt for dark blue and teal highlights if you want to test-drive the blue look before dyeing your whole hair. This color combination is perfect for women with natural dark hair.

8. Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre

Products used to create this stunning mermaid look are Joico along with Rusk and Kenra. This type of color isn’t easy to maintain. The style can get costly and time-consuming.

9. Black Hair with Ombre Blue Tips

Keep your hair organic at the root and experiment with different shades of blue at the ends. When done right, the look can be subtle, chic and rebellious at the same time!

10. Black to Dark Blue Hair

The best part about having blue hair? It’s an effortless accessory. No matter what you wear, your hair will make your look pop. Have some fun and match your lipstick with your hair.

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