1. When and why did you come into contact with Chaowan?
In fact, I am a new player. About June this year, the designer recommended the building block bear because of the soft decoration of the house. I didn’t understand it at that time and called it “bearbrick” by mistake, so I went to Yilane Chaowan online store Bought a 400% KAWS red semi-anatomical. Yilane Chaowan online shop has many varieties, and many styles can be delivered in stock. I have a strong interest in Chaowan and joined the agent. Later, I chatted with my friends about the topic of building block bears, and realized that the release price of this type of toy was only a few thousand yuan. I was very curious about the reason behind it, so I started to get in touch with the tide.

2. How to get from a player to open a physical fashion store?
At the beginning, I bought the bearbrick mainly for 400%, such as Skytree, Blackheart EU, etc., purely depending on the style I like, and then slowly bought some 1000%, and started to share and open the box. I found that players almost gathered on some social platforms. As more questions are asked, I will learn more. After I understand more, I start to write popular science tweets to help new entrants, establish exchange groups, and get to know more trendy fans.
After I bought too many bearbrick, I found that they couldn't be piled up, and there was no suitable space for bears at home. I have opened a flower shop for several years, and the second floor is idle, so it has been transformed into a trendy play area. It is currently in a semi-open state, mainly studios, taking photos and videos. In addition to Bearbrick, I also like to collect paintings, mostly by Maruyama Junna. Normally, the workload of disassembly and inspection is relatively large, so the bearbrick do not use acrylic boxes, and thick blankets are placed on the soles of their feet to protect them. Most of the bears are packed in original boxes.

3. What do you want to say to the trendy fans?
Bearbrick players are more concerned about the market trend. In the past two months, the market price has fallen to no friends, and there is no room for appreciation. It is not a drop in individual models, almost affecting most of the models. The old bear is relatively stable, mainly It is the new model that opened higher and lowered and ushered in a cooling-off period in the market.

It is recommended that pure players buy one to be happy and start with the style they like. From an investment perspective, players wait and see first, and the market price fluctuates greatly. In addition, my personal opinion is that the artist’s original works and prints will be a trend. Some good works are not even expensive, and there is only one original, which is the only limit in the true sense. It's just that the audience of art is more limited, it is a product of spiritual level, but the gold content is worthy of careful attention.

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