Here are several styles of YILANE Chaowan Store:
Each generation of Bearbrick has basic models, including BASIC, JELLYBEAN, PATTERN, FLAG, HORROR, SF, CUTE, ANIMAL

1. BASIC basic model: each generation will launch a color, which is its main color, there will be a bright bead on its chest, and then there will be 9 letters, and each letter will be B E A R B R I C K.
2. JELLYBEAN transparent models: each generation will have transparent colors. Mainly transparent, but with different colors.
3. PATTERN pattern: each generation will have different patterns, prints or special patterns.
4. FLAG national flag: each generation will have a basic national flag system.
5. Horror models: Horror cartoon images of every generation.
6. CUTE cute style: In each generation, choose a cute design, mostly by female designers. .
7. ANIMAL animal model: each generation has a model with animal as the element. Of course it is not necessarily a real animal. The latest 18 series is the famous Hello Kitty
8. SF Science Fiction: Choose a well-known science fiction image as the element.
9. ARTIST Artist's Style: Invite well-known artists to design special styles, and the quantity is very small. (There are 2 in each generation)
In addition, there will be a varying number of hidden models in each generation. The models of the hidden models are not officially announced, only the players can discover them by themselves.
Size: 6 cm 100%, 24 cm 400%, 60 cm 1000%, and 50%, 70% in five different sizes
Specifications: Each generation of products will be accompanied by a birth card of each bear, and one or several limited editions and hidden editions will be released to increase the fun of collecting.
Material: The main material of Bearbrick is ABS, PVC, and a small number of limited products will use metal, wood, flocking and other materials.

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