Hi, dear friends, are you bored now? Still worrying about what clothes to wear today? Are you distressed because you don't have your own opinions on your outfits? Let me introduce myself first. I am a fashion designer and wearer. Today I want to share with you my experience in dressing and matching, so that you can find the other side of your own color. I will talk about it in the future. A color combination to share with everyone. But this article is just my personal opinion.

1.The matching of black clothes and bags

Black is a calm and mysterious color. No matter what color combination, there will be a unique style. Therefore, I always think that choosing black is a wise move, absolutely top-notch. The red and black match is a classic in itself, and the black and white match is the best combination that will never go out of style. Even the beige color that is difficult to match can achieve the same style, but the effect is almost unmatched. Sunshine, avant-garde, fashion, youth. Similar words will continue to flood into your name. The girl's self-confidence is not only her own character, but also an external addition. Simple matching of accessories can add a touch of color to your confidence.

A good-looking bag does not need to be big or expensive, but a good partner that can add points. Why did you say that? Bags are items that women will never give up. Think about the status of bags among women. When a man buys gifts for his beloved girlfriend, he first considers whether the girls heart is more important or the gift to that girl is more important? Girls like bags, buy one at random or weave one yourself. Sincerity is more irreplaceable than anything, so today my article is not just for women who dont know how to wear. Yes, boys can also learn how to make people they like feel their sincerity. Guess which color to choose for the next dressing commentary?

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