Hello, friends, do you remember the black match we talked about last time? Today we are going to talk about other colors besides black that can make us wear it confidently and take ourselves to the next level.

1.The matching of white clothes and bags

White is the most sacred color, and my personal feeling is also the most suitable color for dressing up. This color is more suitable for matching light-toned bags.

The white casual wear is made of light yellow bags with soft and coordinated colors. The matching with lavender is also very successful. The light pink bags give people a gentle and elegant feeling. White professional outfits work better with bags that are suitable for lavender and similar tones, and the effect is also good.

The yellow and white combination is bolder, fashionable and enthusiastic. The contrast is strong, the heavier the white, the softer it feels.

The season of bags is mainly color coordination. Summer bags should be light-colored or light-colored solid colors; this will not make people feel incompatible with the environment, otherwise it will be dazzling; go out at night. According to the environment, you can also bring a dark color, as long as you match it properly; in winter, you should choose a slightly darker color to create a sense of harmony with the season. It is a good choice to choose some hand-woven bags in winter. The spring and autumn seasons are basically the same, but more attention is paid to the matching of clothes. Dressing can be said to be an art. Bags and clothes are a whole. Matching; styles and colors can produce different effects with clothing. Next time we discuss how to control purple.

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