Paola Vilas: Dreams That Come True

"When the Eyes Close Poetry", the new collection by Paola Vilas, gives us one more reason to appreciate the work of the Brazilian designer

Friday, 27 November 2020, by Antonella Reina

There are several reasons why we appreciate Paola Vilas' work. The Brazilian designer, who launched her brand in 2016, successfully imposes a provocative aesthetic perspective, to deal with sensitive issues, one above all the role of a woman in contemporary society. Feminine energy is preserved in all of her jewels, which often reproduce the shapes of a woman's body in mini sculptures to wear. We like her work for the utopian and ironic taste and for the unconventional messages she transmits in each of her pieces: «The use of elements in an unusual context challenges observers’ preconditioned perceptions and rejects established values» stated Vilas in a recent interview. Recently the designer has been focusing on exploring the power of dreams and the door they offer to the unconscious. A research that began with "O Sonho;" (The Dream;) a collection we have already talked about here, which now continues in "When the Eyes Close Poetry", the latest series of jewels with which she tells the story of "Eugenia", a fictional character who sleeps with a notebook by her side: she awakes and incorporates her dreams into her drawings. She uses dreaming as a tool to solve, and repair wounds, and offer paths of transformation. In the new jewels, dream vision and reality merge: shapes of the female body and clouds become the protagonists of bold pieces such as personalized signet rings and pendants with the initials of the alphabet. A collection that invites everyone to reaffirm their feminine essence, with delicacy but without ever being afraid to dare.

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