When creative minds Ankit Mehta and Kunal Shah joined forces to launch their relatively new company Walking Tree, their vision steered towards creating brands (Her Story in India, Unsaid Library in Europe and Shades of Love in China) “that would bear a strong customer emotional connect.” Her Story does just that with its six beautiful collections. Unveiled recently in India, the new brand’s identity hinges on a novel concept and immersive experience. “We are not creating jewels, we are creating experiences that will resonate globally,” says Ankit Mehta. “The brand is centered around ‘the modern multi-faceted woman’ and she is the raison d'être. We wanted to create a world of precious jewellery that speaks to this woman and lets her tell a story of who she is,” adds the co-founder. So, here’s what makes Her Story quite different: step into the salon and you come across two delightful walls with bunches of nattily set postcards – some with lovely artworks and illustrations, and some with inspiring and thought-provoking quotations. A study table, vanity console and a swing (yes!) add to the eclectic mood of the space done up in soft pastel tones. Browse around and pick up postcards that identify with your emotions and thoughts; indulge in some daydreaming, while at it (remember the swing?). While you sip on a drink and bite into a macaroon, the team asks you a series of questions, examines the postcards and, then, leads you to a collection that best describes your story and you. Of course, you can always look through other pieces to see what else you might fancy.

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