Irresistible beauty

Friday, 24 June 2016, by

Meet Yeprem, a Lebanese luxury brand that is conquering with its unique flair international jet-setters and jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.
Inspired by a golden bracelet bestowed by his mother, which was intended to provide him and his family a brighter future, Lebanese born of Armenian descent Yeprem Chakardemian established his own jewellery brand in 1964, Beirut Lebanon. Today, Yeprem is marking their ever-growing elegance by taking Hollywood by storm. The Chakardemian family motto in life has always been “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Which is why when the second generation joined their father in Yeprem, they revolutionized jewelry. Yeprem created innovative designs that were Elegant yet Artistic and set a new trend. Yeprem’s daughter; Virna Chakardemian is the Creative Director. His eldest son, with his knowledge and expertise in Jewellery craftsmanship Loutfic Chakardemian draws, implements and follows up the design process until the execution. And the youngest John Chakardemian is the Managing Director. Yeprem’s products are a blend of creativity and refinement, which aim at enriching the individual expression of influential women all over the world. Created by the combination of precious materials for a glamorous and exquisite style, it sets the trend of the innovation of jewellery that radiates classic elegance with a hint of modern magnificence. By offering intricate jewellery pieces at the very top, Yeprem’s creations are a woman’s lifetime companion evoking at once her vibrant personality and feminine sensuality. From the ages of 25-50, confident yet audacious, Yeprem relies on luxurious creations revealing every curve of the body as a work of art, identifying women who dare to be distinctive. Yeprem creations have an individual flow and creative heart that beats on its own. Inspiration comes from everywhere. The natural beauty that surrounds us. The sole thought in mind when coming up with a new design is the Yeprem woman who will wear it. With their radiant elegance and their unmistakable style, Yeprem’s sculptural pieces stunningly complement a woman’s silhouette.

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