Rome in the center. Rome as a source of inspiration and Rome as a place where every form of art finds its new dimension. In this case, the timeless beauty of a historic hotel, The St. Regis Rome, founded in 1894 by legendary hotelier César Ritz and the subject of a major restoration project costing over 40 million dollars and signed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, gave a creative inspiration to a young but already established jewelry designer for a capsule collection of just three pieces. A Roman Doc, Delfina Delettrez Fendi, a fourth-generation member of the Fendi family, who founded her company in 2007. Since the inception of her brand, she has developed a unique aesthetic marrying classical goldsmith techniques with innovative contemporary materials to create modern, futuristic jewels. Each design is lovingly hand-made and refined by traditional Italian craftmanship. “Delfina Delettrez has such a beautiful aesthetic that bridges past and present, bringing the tradition of fine Italian craftmanship together with her contemporary and unique style,” said Jenni Benzaquen, Vice President of Luxury Brands – Europe for Marriott International. “As part of her collaboration with St. Regis, this capsule collection is a perfect representation of the recent transformation of The St. Regis Rome. As a native Roman, it also speaks to Delettrez’s passion for her home city and its eternal spirit.” And each piece in the collection showcases the convergence of old world splendour and modern day glamour and also tells the story of the city’s inseparable bonds between past and present. Each jewellery item features a classic shape with a new contemporary attitude, offering a versatile look with two different ways to be worn. “Rome is a city where contrasts between past and present coexist in a unique and harmonious way,” said Delfina Delettrez. “The renovation of The St. Regis Rome perfectly showcases the dual nature of this city by fusing an edgy and modern new look with its architectural heritage. To usher The St. Regis Rome into a new era of glamour, I wanted a classic shape with a new, contemporary attitude. I love the idea that you can wear each piece in two different ways, to express the duality of the hotel.” So, now we have a open collar necklace with a structured 18-carat gold collar with dainty hanging gold chain inserts, a couple of 18-carat yellow-gold earrings are crafted with an interlocking double-hoop drop and embellished with two freshwater pearls and 12 white diamonds, a two-in-one ring customised with bespoke18-carat yellow-gold twin rings that are interlocked. The limited-edition collection is now available for purchase on and with retail prices beginning at EUR1,050 per item.

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