German jewelers are known for leading-edge technology, exquisite craftsmanship and bold, yet elegant design. Here are five jewelers adding a definite wow factor in diamond jewellery.

Free Moving Diamonds

Gebrüder Schaffrath, founded in 1923, is said to have set the diamond free. A strong belief that the diamond is the soul of a piece of jewellery resulted in the patented Liberté collection, where a unique setting technique is allowing the diamond to move freely while secured under an arc. The L1062 ring is the latest highlight from the patented Liberté collection.

Crystal Clear

Schmuckwerk came up with a brilliant idea - setting a diamond in a ball of glass, making the stone look bigger. The glass ball is shaped by hand to enclose the diamond as perfectly as possible. The name of the collection is Glasklar, which means Crystal clear in German.

Platinum Power

The ever so often award winning Henrich & Denzel specialises in innovative designs, crafted in platinum and diamonds. The ring Swing is inspired by the motion of a cornfield moving in the wind: Enhanced with 85 flexibly mounted brilliants it comes alive with every movement of the wearer. Swing has won the German Design Award Special in 2018.

Design Icon

In 1979 Niessing developed the original tension ring, where the diamond is held in the ring band solely by the power of tension. The new Niessing Ring Bauhaus is a tribute to Bauhaus design, celebrating it´s 100th anniversary 2019, transforming Bauhaus´s theory of colors and forms into three rings: One combining platinum with a round brilliant-cut diam, the second combining classic red gold with a square princess-cut and the third combining yellow gold with a trilliant-cut diamond.

Like a Waterfall

A waterfall on Simian Mountain in China served as inspiration for these diamond earrings by Hans. D Krieger Fine Jewellery. Princess and baguette cut diamonds represent the crystal clear mountain water, gracefully combined into a cascade of water drops in an art déco sort of way. Asian Waterfall diamond earrings won the heart of the jury for Inhorgenta Award 2019, in Fine Jewelry category.

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