Bella Napoli: a New Masterpiece by Alessio Boschi

The impressive new necklace by the Italian designer is a true masterpiece celebrating Neapolitan culture

Alessio Boschi, for his first time in VicenzaOro September 2018 - scheduled for September 22nd to 26th in Vicenza- is ready to win over the audience in The Design Room with his creativity, getting us into a very ‘precious journey’. During the show, the Italian jeweler, who has lived in Bangkok for years, and now is returning to his beloved country, will present various collections to let the public feel the love and passion that goes into each of his jewelry pieces: from Peacock Dance, which is the featured collection for 2018, to the Historica, Dandy, and The Antique Journey lines. But there will also be a new one-off pieces. The much surprising one is, without any doubts, the ‘Bella Napoli’ necklace, a true masterpiece of love and cheer celebrating Neapolitan culture: «One of the most fun pieces I’ve designed this year» the designer states. The pizza, a cup of coffee, the Neapolitan masked figure Pulcinella, a mandolin: all the most iconic symbols of the city are featured in this impressive piece which is a true masterpiece of love and cheer celebrating Neapolitan culture.

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