De Grisogono, announces its new "Creativity in Residence", an innovative programme made of three parts, a long-term internship that helps young jewelry designer to a bright new future. Behind this initiative is incoming de GRISOGONO’s CEO Céline Assimon whose mission is to take the brand into the next chapter of its development. “Today de GRISOGONO launches a three-facetted platform to invigorate its unique creative approach which gives life to its famously audacious designs. The genius of ‘Creativity in Residence’ is that it transforms our in-house Creative Studio into a hub that is both challenged, nurtured and enriched by all three facets of the programme and in turns opens up its enviable skills and heritage to fresh eyes, outside talent and inquisitive young minds,” says Ms. Assimon.
At the heart of the internship is a one-year residency programme with a guest designer, who will propose his/her interpretation of the Maison’s codes. The second is a collaboration with an artist from another creative discipline who, like a modern-day Muse, will be a dynamic force of inspiration for the in-house Creative Studio. Looking to the future, the third facet is a scholarship programme with Geneva’s HEAD, one of Europe’s leading schools of art and design and a powerhouse of self-expression and artistic partnerships. Ms. Assimon’s ambition is to build on the foundations of the Maison; it is in de Grisogono DNA to be innovative and daring and always a step ahead. “Art, in its many shapes, is and has always been a central element in the house’s inspirations,” adds Ms. Assimon. “This new programme is a striking new way of continuing of our legacy of absolute creativity and freedom.”

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