Lebanon, Iran, the United Arab Emirates. A road map of fine jewelry that narrates the virtues of the new jewelry designers coming from the Middle East.

This is far from being a new trend, as trends come and go over time. Here we focus on female talent, designers born and raised in this specific area of the world, who are becoming known worldwide for their highly skilled creative work, which highlights a cultural background of inestimable value.

Mania Zamani - IRAN - From Tehran to New York to study gemology. Previous studies in mathematics and an innate passion for architecture and minerals. A perfect departure point ensuring Mania would fulfill her childhood dream: to create jewelry. This vision, linked to her cultural background, materializes in one-of-a-kind jewels where mathematical, geometrical and architectural concepts converge, reflecting a fluidity of lines, angles and squares. "I have always believed that jewels are made to be worn in everyday life, as was the case in ancient times and how it will certainly be the case in the future." An Islamic-Iranian decorative element is inevitable, unobtrusive but always present and reworked according to the hexagonal and triangular shapes typical of Persian design •

 Eastbound_Mania-Zamani Eastboound_Zamanicollectioncuff Eastbound_Zamanicollectionring

Eastbouong_PhioroPhioro - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Clare Pardoe was born and raised in Dubai despite her very British look. From 2010, Clare has managed to turn her brand Phioro into one of the most exclusive luxury houses in the Middle East. The slogan, 'Premier, Precious & Prestigious', contains a concept of very personal design that drives her creations. "With the first collection 'Suspension of Reality', my intention was to capture the wild soul of nature and 'freeze' it in a unique, exclusive setting as a statement about everyday life.” The watchful eye of Clare toward her beloved Dubai has enabled her to come up with a local code according to which elegance and luxury go hand in hand with spectacular forms and volumes. A path without any intermediate milestones until last year, when Clare launched qi by Phioro: a ready-to-wear line based on the Chinese qi philosophy •


Gaelle Khouri

Gaelle Khouri - LEBANON - From the vibrant souks of Beirut, Gaelle Khouri embarked on a very personal journey that took her first to New York, where she worked as a manager for Oscar de la Renta, and later led her to rediscover her Lebanese origins by returning to her hometown. An exploratory journey which plants its raison d'être in the deep relationship between women and nature and which today materializes in Debut collection, divided into Couture and Casual. Couture plays on intricate details, it is delicate, almost fragile. Innovative in its use of color, it revolves around unique pieces. Casual, on the other hand, focuses on the organic nature of form, the beauty of nature interpreted in an aesthetic sense that looks to the gothic and to the emotionality it arouses. "It was a very personal exploratory journey. I have 'exploited' design for my reflections, and there I have found the answer to many of my questions. Above all, the existence of an indissoluble link between women and nature" •

Caterpillars earrings from the 'Garden of Earthly Delights' collection by Gaelle Khouri Caterpillars earrings from the 'Garden of Earthly Delights' collection by Gaelle Khouri

Dori & Alia Mouzannar

Dori & Alia Mouzannar - LEBANON - Free spirits, visions, identities and different viewpoints from Dori and Alia Mouzannar. However, there is a common denominator: they are the sixth generation of the Mouzannar family, whose brand, The House of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar, has been a byword for exclusiveness within the universe of Fine Jewelry since 1700. The new family members represent their respective stylistic perspectives, different yet similar, in that they interpret the family signature style by means of captivating, engaging details, examples of rare excellence. In particular, the Silene collection, composed of cuffs and rings, stands out for its reference to nature and the organic shapes. A perfect example of geomteric fluidity and energy which interprets the complexity of nature through an intricate diamond net. The collection, which was the result of a collaboration with the archi-star Zaha Hadid, celebrates Lebanon’s rich goldsmithing tradition by placing the unique nature of the materials firmly at the forefront while highlighting the design which is geared toward reflecting light and creating harmonious sparkle •

Mouzannar Collection

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