In Arabic, Bookrah means 'tomorrow.' However, at VICENZAORO, the word becomes a synonym for high jewellery and unsurpassable creativity. In fact, Bookrah is the name of a very special collection that brings the best of innovation and tradition from Lebanese culture to the trade show. These twenty-two precious jewels are mainly in gold, quartz, and diamonds, and are made by artisans in the Bourj Hammoud area, which is one of the most multi-ethnic quarters of Beirut. These pieces are transformed into the perfect symbol of creativity, testifying to the desire of the Lebanese people to join forces to combat their differences. With three lines based on the same concept but created in different materials, the Bookrah collection is the result of an important initiative: Creative Mediterranean, a project supported by Italy and the European Union along with UNIDO. The aim is to transform difficulties into positive opportunities in seven Mediterranean countries—Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia– all of which are rich in tradition and artisanal skill but afflicted by political, social, and economic problems.

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