Objets d’art with contemporary appeal. Precious creations by Avraria.

Movement, energy and a natural instinct for beauty at its most precious state. These are the specialities of Avraria, the Valenza-based company which stands out for its creation of unique objets d’art which are both unique and exclusive, as well as the expression of the supreme skills of Italian master craftsmen. One such example is the “Falco Reale”, this luxurious, alluring piece embodies and represents all the artisanal mastery of Italian craftsmanship. Entirely made by hand, the object combines a love affair with gold and precious stones with the magical nuances of nature. Silver, gold, ebony and black “Belgio” marble create an everlasting union with skilfully crafted metal while a ruby and diamonds add rich sparkle to a unique object. Each single part of the piece required incredible dedication and patience, the result is an impression of natural beauty and seamless continuity. An intense embrace between precious stones, gold and silver, deserving of the most ancient and refined Italian goldsmithing tradition.

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