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Hard Candy'S New Lipstick Line Has All The Weird Colors You'Ve Ever Wanted

Hard Candy has just unrolled nine new lip colors into the Fierce Effects Lipstick Line, making for a total of 18 unique colors. Who needs 18 different lipsticks, you ask? Um, like, ...

On 30 Mar,2022
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Found It! Hailee Steinfeld'S Persimmon Lipstick From The Cfda Awards

At first glance, Hailee Steinfeld's lipstick from last night's CFDA Awards may look like a cross between tangerine and coral, but it's actually a closer match to the persimmon fruit. "...

On 29 Mar,2022
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Found It! Sophia Bush'S Bold Red Lipstick

The color of the night at the launch party for FEED USA and Target's collaboration was red, but instead of donning a crimson dress, Sophia Bush repurposed the hue as ...

On 18 Mar,2022
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Kim Kardashian'S Lipstick Isn'T Lipstick At All

Fashion week, or month if you're following the shows all the way to Europe, tends to be where we get our beauty inspiration for the next season. After all, Pat ...

On 19 May,2022
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Found It! Malin Akerman'S Red Lipstick

We loved Malin Akerman’s bold red lip color at the 2012 Grammy Awards, which is why we caught up with the Wanderlust actress to get the scoop on her hue. "...

On 08 May,2022
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This Red Lipstick Lasted Through 3 Meals And Still Looked Awesome

When it comes buying red lipstick, I have a 3-part checklist. Does the color make me feel confident? Am I able to justify the price-tag, however much that may be? ...

On 02 May,2022
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Rachel Zoe'S New Lipstick Line!

Rachel Zoe just signed on as the brand ambassador for the new lipstick company Exude! The celebrity stylist used her fashion savvy to design the clear tubes, which twist to ...

On 25 Apr,2022
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5 Lipstick Statistics That Will Really Surprise You

If there was ever a day to wear lipstick, July 29th is—without question—the best possible date. As you’ve probably heard by now, it’s National Lipstick day, ...

On 09 Apr,2022
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Can'T Stop Talking About Lucy Hale'S Vampy Lipstick From The Much Music Video Awards

Toronto was definitely the place to be last night. Celebs flocked to the Canadian city to attend the iHeart Much Music Video Awards hosted by Gigi Hadid. And while the ...

On 09 Apr,2022
Fashion Week

The $7 Lipstick Everyone Will Be Wearing In 2019

Winter is coming. If you're dreading the return of polar vortexes, blizzards, and freezing through your layer of Uniqlo Heattech, this vibrant lipstick trend from New York Fashion Week's Spring 2019 ...

On 02 Mar,2022
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Charlotte Tilbury’S New Products Are Inspired By Amal Clooney’S Favorite Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Pillow Talk lipstick is beloved by celebrities like Amal Clooney, Alexa Chung, and Emma Roberts, and lipstick wearers alike. The pinky-nude is the perfect my-lips-but-better shade, ...

On 17 Mar,2022
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Natalie Portman Strips Down For Dior Lipstick

She's back! Though she's stayed out of the Dior limelight since her Miss Dior Cherie campaign in 2011, Natalie Portman returned to the Parisian fashion house to promote its latest beauty ...

On 24 Feb,2022
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How To Wear Matte Lipstick When You Have Dry Lips

The only end-of-winter struggle that’s bigger than slushy sidewalks are the flaky, chapped state that the season has left your lips in. Aside from being extremely painful, dry lips ...

On 21 Feb,2022
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This $37 Matte Lipstick Is Made For Anyone With Dry Lips

I spent half the winter complaining with my co-worker about how lip balms just don't work. My lips were chapped 24/7, which really limited my ability to wear matte lipstick, a ...

On 08 Feb,2022
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Behold, All Of The Shades In Balmain'S Super-Luxe Lipstick Collection

On an average day, adding a sequined Balmain number to your closet will set you back more than your monthly rent—and that’s on sale. Thanks to Balmain’s ...

On 13 Jan,2022
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Daily Beauty Buzz: Lupita Nyong'O'S Magenta Lipstick

As far as we know, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has never feared a bold lipstick shade or a bright eyeliner pencil. In fact, she takes the two beauty statements ...

On 02 Dec,2021
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Found It! Ali Larter'S Fuschia Lipstick

We haven’t always been the biggest fans of matching our makeup to clothes, but Ali Larter’s look at the opening party of the CH Carolina Herrera Boutique on ...

On 10 Nov,2021

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