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No Joke: Someone Created A Temporary Tattoo That'S Also A Touch Screen

Pay very close attention to what you're about to read because this might as well be the future of beauty. The MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research Lab have created ...

On 26 Oct,2022
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No One Makes A Cat-Eye Look Quite As Cool As Zo Kravitz

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible for Zo Kravitz to be any cooler, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté announced in May that in addition to acting and fronting her ...

On 16 Sep,2022

6 Wedding Traditions You No Longer Have To Follow

Virtually every part of your wedding ceremony and reception has deep roots in history. Whether it’s the tossing of the bouquet, your wedding bands, or even who pays for ...

On 29 Jul,2022

Proof That There'S No Trend Too Ugly For Kendall Jenner

last month. And before you shake your head and say, "never, no thanks," remember there was once a time when wearing leggings as pants wasn't socially acceptable. So who knows ...

On 28 Jul,2022

Atlantic-Pacific'S Blair Eadie Just Released A Fall Collection That'S Going To Sell Out In No Time

Halogen and Atlantic-Pacific teased us earlier this fall by releasing its popular bow blouse in the form of a dress. Now the duo is back, and will be launching a ...

On 16 Jul,2022
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No Matter How Many Cleansers I Try, This One Is Always My Favorite

As a lifestyle shopping writer, I have unique access to some of the best products out there, from home decor to beauty essentials. And when it comes to skincare products ...

On 09 Jul,2022
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3 Beauty Products That Will Make Your Office More Zen In No Time

The struggle is real at three in the afternoon: I'm usually in a post-lunch food coma with sandpaper skin from the dry office air. And the end of the day ...

On 19 Jun,2022
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Jen Atkin Swears By These Pillowcases And They’Re No Joke

Forget graduating college and paying electric bills, I feel like my "grown-up” status became legit when I started caring about linens, thread count and all. It’s true. All I ...

On 12 Jun,2022
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This Is What Kylie Jenner Looks Like With No Makeup

Who knew that under the contouring and liquid lipstick, Kylie Jenner had a gorgeous set of freckles? Today, Jenner posted a no-makeup selfie to Instagram, possibly while relaxing after all ...

On 29 May,2022
Fashion Week

First Navy, Now Violet: Olivia Palermo Proves She Can Do No Wrong In Bold Beauty Looks At Pfw

Olivia Palermo turned heads and reinvigorated the lives of many stuck in a beauty rut last week when she wore a cool navy blue lip to Dior’s Paris Fashion ...

On 26 May,2022

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