25 Cute Pregnancy Outfits For Summer

You are having a baby! By the way, this doesn’t mean you have to dress boring for nine months. You can still be stylish and the same fashionista that ...

On 18 Feb,2022

Safe Summer Fashion Every Girl Needs

When the warm, and hot, weather of summer comes you may be so anxious to put on sandals and your bikini and get out in the sun that you forget ...

On 12 Feb,2022

9 Cute Summer Outfits You’Ll Love This Season

Summer is coming so it’s time to get some outfit inspiration. If you start now you can be ahead of the fashion pack when the warm weather arrives. There ...

On 11 Feb,2022

9 Hot Fulani Braids To Copy This Summer

One of the must-have hairstyles of 2019 are the Fulani braids. Fulani braids have been in and out of the style spotlight for years and were famously worn by Alicia Keys. ...

On 25 Apr,2022

10 Cute Outfits For Summer 2015

If you’ve got tired of the same few outfits you wear day after day, you’re not alone. During summer, it’s too hot to come up with some ...

On 26 Jan,2022

10 Braids With Beads We’Ll All Be Wearing This Summer

Looking for a way to jazz up your braided hairstyles? Well, have you thought about wearing beads? Now some ladies love to wear beads and rightly so, but some can ...

On 21 Mar,2022

Essentials That Will Protect You From The Sun This Summer

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be working on their summer glow and their tan, basking in the sun and getting as much of the outdoors ...

On 18 Jan,2022

Lauren Conrad'S Ultimate Summer Shopping List

Summer is in full swing, and I’ve been trying to soak in as much sunshine as possible. When the weather gets hot, I tend to lean toward breezy sundresses ...

On 28 Mar,2022

Summer 2022'S Sexiest Dress Trend Is Secretly 90 Years Old

If you're looking to show some skin this summer, but aren't a fan of the up-to-there slit or down-to-there V-neckline, the backless dress is the slightly scandalous trend for you. ...

On 28 Mar,2022
Makeup&Skin care

This Summer'S Breakout Beauty Ingredient Is In Your Coffee

Oat milk might be the newest non-dairy option on the menu at your favorite coffee shop, but on top of being a key ingredient for a delicious latte, the grain-derived ...

On 28 Mar,2022
Makeup&Skin care

8 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Tired of the heat getting in the way of your beauty game? We hear you. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite summer beauty hacks to keep you looking ...

On 28 Mar,2022

What To Wear For A Summer Job Interview, According To 11 Different Professionals

wants aspiring MUA's to know it's not the only chic, professional color option for these types of interviews. "Olives, slate grays and deep blues are also great choices," Clark says, ...

On 19 Mar,2022
Makeup&Skin care

Makeup Artist Kayleen Mcadams Shares Her Best Summer Beauty Hacks

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean our beauty problems are over. With plenty of hot, sticky days remaining in the forecast, we asked makeup artist Kayleen ...

On 20 Sep,2022
Makeup&Skin care

Glossier'S New Ultralip Is My Go-To Summer Lipstick

Matte lipstick and I have always been acquaintances, at best. While I love the look of a bold red lip, and admire anyone who wears one on a daily basis — ...

On 19 Sep,2022
Makeup&Skin care

This Moisturizer Is Everything Your Summer Body Is Missing

Listen, I feel you. If you live on the Eastern seaboard, you are currently sweating out of control. It's hot, it's muggy, and it's sticky. All you want is light ...

On 14 Aug,2022
Makeup&Skin care

How To Keep Your Skin From Becoming As Dry As A Sandbox This Summer

Who's excited for summer? Oh, is that a unanimous yes? That's what I thought. But, bare with me here, there's a downside to the coming sunny days. If you're out ...

On 05 Aug,2022

Happy, Floppy Hats Are Taking Over This Summer

Whenever I hear the word "hat," I automatically think of cold weather. It's something you grab before you head out the door, along with your scarf and gloves, or maybe ...

On 26 Jul,2022

#Howtowearit: Proper Attire For A Summer Wedding

In this weekly feature, InStyle’s Senior Market Editor/Digital Correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn shares tips and tricks on how to tackle the latest trends. Look for it on What’s ...

On 23 Jul,2022
Makeup&Skin care

5 Ways To Get Glowing Summer Skin

When it comes to radiant skin, we’ll try just about anything to achieve the coveted glow. Now that summertime has arrived and spending time in the sunshine is inevitable, ...

On 22 Jul,2022

Sincerely Jules On The 5 Pieces You Must Be Wearing This Summer

As any fashion girl knows, summer means wandering new city streets, spending days lounging by the pool, mastering the art of glow-y skin, and turning over your closet (a.k....

On 20 Jul,2022

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